A crowd on the hillside at Woodstock.

Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Marks Where It All Began For Authors Of Wanderer – The Ultimate Hippy Trail Journey

The turbulent days of the 1960s; a time of rebellion and protests against the Vietnam War. A time when America’s youth experimented with drugs, sexual freedom and backpacking journeys through Europe, Asia and North Africa. One young man of the day, Steve, was just out of college with no job or money. Nicknamed “Woodstock” after attending the infamous Woodstock festival in New York, Steve decided to set out on his own journey to ‘find himself’ and crossed the Atlantic with no schedule, no return date, and very little money. Wanderer – The Ultimate Hippy Trail Journey by F.T. Burke and Steve Reifman tells the remarkable story of “Woodstock’s” year-long journey of discovery.

Upon beating the draft, Woodstock crosses the Atlantic to the Old World and finds God everywhere, no matter how hard he tries to hide and look away. Wanderer will appeal to the wanderlust in the souls of hippies young and old.

A fast read with a lot of laughs, the story was inspired by the true adventures of the co-author. Check out the book for this unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

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