Vince Staples Drops 1st Episode of “THE VINCE STAPLES SHOW”

Stream The Vince Staples Show Episode 1 Here

Rapper Vince Staples launched his new episodic show, “The Vince Staples Show”  today. The original project debuted on and showcases Staples’ music and unfiltered personality in short videos set in some of the wild situations Staples finds himself in.

Staples joined forces with collaborator Calmatic to direct the series, whom he recently worked with on his video for “Fun” and who also recently directed the video for the global phenomenon, “Old Town Road.”

Each episode revolves around an important moment and will be released in combination with a new Vince Staples original song. Smart, awkward, and witty, the hilarious dialogue of each vignette will highlight the new music, while also offering a greater depth and a new perspective on the life and times of one of today’s most creative voices, Vince Staples. Press play above toe stream Episode 1.

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