Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ Hits Number 1 on Billboard Charts

Lizzo Hits First No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Charts with “Truth Hurts”

By now, Lizzo has made her way to household name status. Churning out hit after hit, the R&B singer has been successfully climbing the charts. Most recently, she scored her first No. 1 track on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with “Truth Hurts.” Her breakout song dethroned Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” which topped the list for 20 weeks and achieved the longest chart-topping streak since 1958.

Of course, the title is well-deserved for “Truth Hurts.” At present, it also sits at the #20 spot on the US Spotify chart and is in the top 20 list on iTunes. Its influence is so evident that many artists have attempted to claim their slice of the Lizzo pie. Recently, rising rap star DaBaby created his own rendition of the song, adding extra verses to the remix.

“Truth Hurts” Netflix Placement

To top it off, the song’s comeback has shed some much-deserved light on the rest of her discography — even tracks that have been around for years. As soon as “Truth Hurts” blew up, “Juice” re-emerged and entered the Billboard Hot 100 once again. What’s even more interesting is that her 2016 ultimate self-care anthem “Good As Hell” has been gaining some serious numbers too, comfortably sitting in Spotify’s Global Top 50 list.

The comeback of “Truth Hurts,” a 2017 gem at best, can be partially attributed to the recent release of the Netflix original film “Someone Great”, starring TV icons Gina Rodriguez, Lakeith Stanfield, Brittany Snow, and RuPaul. While the film garnered positive ratings for its refreshing take on the rom-com genre, much of its praise is also because of the stellar soundtrack. Not only does it boast the likes of Lizzo; LCD Soundsystem, Lil Kim, Vampire Weekend, and Lorde also make appearances.

Besides being the perfect jam for anyone suffering from a broken heart, “Truth Hurts” is also brings to the fore the kind of body-positivity movement that Lizzo brings with her in all of her music. In response, fans and critics have labeled it “body-positive pop.” And besides Lizzo leading the change in music, she’s lending her force to the fashion world too.

Lizzo’s Fashion

Recently, Lizzo was the face of plus size fashion brand Lane Bryant. Prior to that, she had been vocal about her views on excluding plus sizes in fashion, criticizing fashion designers for “leaving fat women out of the game.” This all comes at a time when more consumers are placing importance on self-love and authenticity, and brands are following suit by expanding their range and changing their messaging.

For instance, fellow R&B singer Rihanna has recently launched Fenty, her own luxury fashion line and one of the first of its kind to cater to plus size women. Meanwhile, e-commerce fashion site Woman Within’s dresses cater exclusively to plus-sized women, giving them a special go-to place where they can feel stylish. The brand’s trendy dresses are designed exclusively for plus size body types, compared to other brands that design plus sizes as an afterthought. All in all, this new, inclusive fashion movement shows that every woman of every size can — and should — rock whatever they want.


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Indeed, this is the same breed of confidence and optimism that Lizzo’s music has come to stand for. The artist knows her branding, stays true to it, and understands today’s generation in many ways that other artists do not. Whether it’s her signature “Bye Bitch!” Instagram series or her world famous “flute-while-twerking” move, Lizzo has the natural talent to make people feel like their most authentic selves.

“I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen,” Lizzo stated in an interview with The Guardian. “[And I don’t pose] for anyone! This is just me.”

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