Morsifire’s Cathartic 77 Skeletons

Amid all of the mumble rappers and sub par creatives in today’s hip hop world it can often be frustrating to zero in on fresh new artists with real talent. San Francisco based alt hip hop artist Morsifire has shown true potential with his recently released single “77 Skeletons”. The dark single is reminiscent of Linkin Park’s hip hop/rock song “In the End” and much of Eminem’s inflective lyrics. Yep, Morsifire maintains some of the same musical qualities that Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, and Eminem employed in their masterful work. Check out some of the dope lyrics from Morsifire’s single below:

But I’m finally done looking
Didn’t find shit but I made my mind crooked
Got a ticket in a trigger, I’m thinking I might pull it
I got 77 skeletons waiting for my bullet

Morsifire expertly captures his experiences of devastation and loss inspired by his sister’s and father’s deaths during his boyhood years and his mother’s battle with drug addiction. The eerie artistic qualities and mis-en-scene in the “77 Skeletons” music video are truly worth viewing.

Look for Morsifire’s LP Metanoia to drop on 10-11-19.


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