Can The Google Stadia Disrupt the $135 Billion Gaming Industry

On Monday, Google held their Google Stadia livestream to unveil some more details about the recently announced Google Stadia, a cloud-based video game streaming platform that launches in November. This symbolizes a major shift for Google as the company has a history of walking into industries and disrupting the entire market place. The video game industry generated sales of about $135 billion in 2018, according to market analysis firm Newzoo so the Google Stadia will have it’s work cut out for it.

It’s Not a Netflix for Games

The Google Stadia will allow streaming access to games from any mobile device, computer and Chromecast Ultra. Stadia will allow gamers to play AAA games at the maximum graphical settings on virtually any screen — TV, PC, laptop, phone or tablet — without having to worry about buying the latest and greatest processor, graphics card or console. Several major publishers, including Ubisoft, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive Software and Warner Bros are already on board for Google’s entry into the gaming world.

Switching to Cloud based gaming is a big change for gamers to get used to but Google is poised to usher in the next era in gaming. Check out the Full Google Stadia Game List .