Touch the Buffalo’s Nostalgic Grunge

Many of this summer’s pop hits such as “Old Town Road” and “Bad Guy” are representative of the modern songs that are unceasingly consumed by modern society. However, as catchy as some of these songs are, they leave much to be desired for millennials who grew up on the musical depth of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The alternative grungy music prevalent during the 90s is essentially extinct.

So it was a welcome surprise to hear DC-based Touch the Buffalo’s “Heart is For” on SoundCloud. The gritty instrumentation and solid vocals are undeniably different from everything on the airwaves, instead, the unique sound is mesmerizing and reminiscent of 90s alternative music all at once. Tyler Beard’s guitar solo is captivating and sets the perfect vibe for a summer BBQ or evening out at your local bar.

Be sure to check out Touch the Buffalo’s “Heart is For” below.

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