Teddi Gold’s Euphoric Pop Heats up the Summer

Very few artists possess the ability to inspire pure joviality and playfulness through their lyricism and rhythmic versatility, but Seattle born Teddi Gold has found the perfect formula for doing so. Gold’s single “Figure it Out” is a delightful pop tune that draws on group vocals, micro hooks, and a unique sound that is aesthetically pleasing to listeners. The normal recipe of verse, hook, verse, etc. is altered in Gold’s single as she opts for group singing that materializes out of a euphoric ether. Additionally, Gold capitalizes on a minimal lyrical style that is simply irresistible:

You’re a land mine
Running out of time
You were on my mind

But don’t let Gold’s follyesque sounds fool you, the artist maintains that “My music is intentionally designed to be a Trojan horse for serious themes to infiltrate the listener’s unconscious…The idea is to wrap these weighty subjects in a digestible format.” With that in mind listeners should look forward to Teddi Gold’s EP that drops on August 16th.

Listen to “Figure it Out” below.

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