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Maya Huyana’s “Hitta” is a Smooth Affair

Maya Huyana has been a busy artist of lately performing a string of shows and recently following up her stellar Rebirth and G.O.L.D. projects with the 7 track project, sea-foam.

One of sea-foam’s lead singles “Hitta” is a smooth affair that pair’s Maya’s smooth singing vocals with her chill rap cadence making this one the perfect record to vibe out to. There’s a feel to this record that transcends the redundancy that you may have become accustom to with today’s rap sound. “Hitta” is a clean, neo-soul influenced record that helps you to take note of just how cool Maya’s voice is. Her calculated yet laidback demeanor sound great on “Hitta” helping her to engage with her audience perfectly. From stream-of-consciousness rqps to her silky smooth vocals you can tell that this record is setting up something larger and once you give sea-foam a spin, you’ll see exactly where “Hitta” leads. Press play below to stream “Hitta” and be on the lookout for the “Hitta” visual coming soon.

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