Karen Hardy’s “Nobody” is the Perfect Vibe for Summer

Karen Hardy is a Pop/Soul artist from New Jersey who brought her stirring hooks to Nashville, Tennessee in the fall of 2017. Karen’s sound is often compared to the likes of Ariana Grande, Sza, and Tori Kelly, with a voice that’s said to be “sweet and smooth like honey”. The songstress has a strong vocal delivery and potent vocal range that makes her extremely entertaining to listen to.

“Nobody” is a thought provoking record that finds Karen singing about how even when you feel like you’re lost in the masses or the crowd that you’ll always hold importance to someone. The song is uplifting and inspiring with lush instrumentation that serves as the perfect backdrop for Karen to showcase a fluid delivery of her bright vocals. Although this is a pop record it’s not difficult to sense the soulful undertones and vibes throughout. “Nobody” is an honest record from an honest artist, full of truths delivered in a way that only Karen Hardy can. Press play above to stream Karen Hardy’s “Nobody” and click here to follow Karen on Instagram.

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