Genuine Leather Aces “Ol’ 55” Cover

Most artists create paintings and sculptures with the expectation that their work will stand alone and be heralded for the original creative manifestation that it is. However, writers and musicians are part of a small category of creative artists that sometimes experience variations or covers of their work. A writer’s novel or story can be completely altered or “fixed” as a screenplay adaptation for the silver screen and a song can be covered in a different musical genre or sung using revamped lyrics. Sometimes these changes are welcome, other times not as much.

Nevertheless, the Texas-bred rock band, Genuine Leather, has aced their cover of the legendary Tom Waits’ “Ol’ 55”.  Originally, the song was written and performed as a folk ballad detailing a lonesome driver’s reminiscences over a lost love. Genuine Leather expertly uplifts the song with a modern pop-rock sound made for cruising down a highway or lounging out on the beach. The intoxicating hook is rejuvenated by Chris Galis’ unique Texan sound:

And now the sun’s coming up
I’m riding with Lady Luck
Freeway, cars and trucks

Do yourself a favor and vibe with Genuine Leather’s smooth cover of “Ol 55” this summer.

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