Eli Raybon’s Super Avant-garde Sound

The recent release of Eli Raybon’s Supertoys was a welcome surprise as the artist has created the perfect avant-garde playlist for those in need of a unique musical sound. Raybon’s new album evokes nostalgic memories of great 80s artists such as A-ha and The Human League. The musician’s smart cyberpunk songs are unlike anything on the airwaves and inspire listeners to contemplate futuristic narratives inspired by Raybon’s fun lyricism.

“The Moon is Made of Cheese” is a hidden gem that combines smart lyrics and infectious electric tones:

You can say I’m out of whack
But unlike you, I’ve learned my math
And all your calculations crack
They’re just a heap of gibberish

The 21 year old experimental artist is flexing sharp style coupled with visionary lyrics and we’re looking forward to his upcoming work.

Check out the Supertoys album below.

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