Songstress D. Renee is no stranger to forming masterful melodies and intriguing harmonies. Her latest record, “Please Don’t Go” The well-shot, Kendrick Clevor directed visuals really help D. Renee to set the tone of this one.

The bright vocals, guitar strums and bass stabs help make this one a rememberable record. The R&B singer showcases a strong vocal delivery over a guitar laden pop-soul instrumental. The record has a lush bass line yet a very chill guitar melody.

On “Please Don’t Go”, D. Renee uses smooth vocals to attempt to convince a lover not to go or give up on what they have. The record is extremely relatable and derives its power from exactly how relatable it is. The mid-tempo vibe celebrates the good times in a relationship while putting D. Renee’s star power on full display. Predominant Records has a future star on their hands. Press play above to stream D. Renee’s latest visual and follow D. Renee on Instagram.