Samsung Unveils 292-Inch Wall Luxury TV

Samsung just unveiled its latest TV offering. They’re calling it the Wall Luxury model. Unveiled at InfoComm 2019, this TV is an updated version of Samsung’s micro-LED screen named the Wall. Depending on the room The TV can be tailored to fit any size and aspect ratio which is dope!

They also offer different options such as their 73-inch model and a 2K resolution. To an absolutely mind-boggling 292-inch option with 8k resolution.  That’s twice as big as the 146-inch version that they launched last year. Regardless of what option you select, the Wall Luxury will come with a depth under 30mm and a slim, bezel-less design that will come with different frame options.

The Wall Luxury is state of the art and features self-emitting diodes with 100,000 hours of life. That means the screen never turns off but transforms into a “digital canvas” to keep up with its surroundings. When the screen is not in use, an Ambient Mode is activated that allows the viewer to choose between paintings, photographs, and video art.

Furthermore, the new screen is set to come with the Quantum Processor Flex, which guarantees quality resolution through AI and machine learning, and audio capabilities designed alongside Harman Luxury Audio and Steinway Lyngdorf. All I know is, I want one. But I’m sure all that will change when they reveal the price.