How Robert Pattinson Landed the Role of the Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’

According to reports from Hollywood Reporter, Robert Pattinson got the role in Matt Reeves‘ upcoming The Batman film by dressing up as the Dark Knight for his audition.

Apparently, there were several screen tests where the Twilight star wore a batsuit from a previous production to his audition to really get into the role. Pattinson was already in Reeves’ mind. By dressing up for the audition, Pattinson came in close competition with actor Nicholas Hoult for the role. Both actors took part in several screen tests. Later, Reeves and studio reps delegated for days before they ultimately agreed to sign Pattinson to become the next Batman.

Reeves reportedly considered Pattinson, 33, early on in the process, says one source, although they never reached out to him. Reeves didn’t even know if Pattinson wanted the part. Since Pattinson rose to fame as an emotional vampire in the Twilight films, he has built a solid résumé in smaller, well-reviewed independent films like Good Time and Maps to the Stars. Pattinson in his career carefully avoided big studio franchise films.

It finally came down to just Pattinson and Hoult, and during the week of May 20, when Pattinson flew in from Cannes, both shot screen tests in costume on the Burbank lot. Each had a pre-negotiated deal in place, ready to go into effect for whoever was chosen for the role after the screen test.

The Batman follows an earlier story that aligns with the Batman: Year One comic book story arc which sees a younger Bruce Wayne making a name for himself in Gotham as the elusive, mysterious vigilante. Check back with us here at The Fresh Committee for more news regarding Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

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