Last month, 22-year-old Dravon Ames, his six-month pregnant fianceé, Iesha Harper and their two daughters, ages one and four, had guns drawn on them by the Pheonix Police Department responding to an alleged shoplifting incident at Family Dollar and this was captured in a very startling clip.

The video shows a police officer telling Ames “I’m gonna put a fucking cap in your fucking head” and “You’re gonna fucking get shot,” among other obscenities while kicking his knees and forcing his face into the hot asphalt. It also shows another officer using threatening language towards Harper, 24, as she was holding their one-year-old baby girl in her hands.

This is extremely sad to be happenening but it’s great the Hov and Team Toc are willing to step in and help by hiring the family a top notch lawyer and providing other resources.