Google Strategically Leaks Images of the Pixel 4


The Pixel 3 hands down has one of the best performing cameras in any smartphone. So the anticipation surrounding Google’s next release, the Pixel 4 has been nothing short of major. Today the tech giant took to Twitter to leak an image of the forthcoming flagship smartphone. The Tweet showcased the smartphone’s new two-camera rear module. The sleek black handheld features a new camera setup for the Pixel line, the duo cameras are also accompanied by a flash and a couple of other sensors on the square module.

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There also seems to be a lack of a fingerprint sensor. The useful security feature that found its way on to previous Pixel smartphones doesn’t make its way to the Pixel 4. We didn’t get an image of the front of the phone but the back now features two cameras. Several smartphone manufacturers including Apple, utilize a two-camera setup. In this regard, Google is a little late to the game but for good reason. Google has always stated their machine-learning software could do more with one camera lens than most can do with two.

We still know very little about this phone. We’ll likely learn more within the coming weeks. But it seems Google is now ready to start making waves with their latest and greatest. Have a look at the tweet below.