Future – Save Me, EP Review


[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]ere’s the thing about Future. He’s a trap music legend with dozens of hits. However, he has this tendency to over-release music. Although I do enjoy most of his work, it is not uncommon for Future to adopt complacency on his projects. This current effort, Save Me, does just that. These seven superfluous songs do nothing to help or harm his brand. Yet they simply make little to no impression. Following many, many listens, Save Me only became more mediocre as time passed. It’s been out a week and it already feels years old. Future’s R&B persona is one of the least compelling in the game today. While his crooning has its moments, it’s his lyrics that have trouble connecting with me. During a bulk of his softer tracks he takes a break from all the gun and drug talk to give the ladies a sliver of his time.

What a sweetheart he is. “Found out I cheated on her, she’ll still feed me grapes.” Even though lines like this make me laugh from time to time, it’s the overall laziness of the writing that is bugging me here. He half-assed these hooks and selected incredibly boring instrumentals to back him up. “Extra” is essentially a Travis Scott knockoff song, dripping in reverb and Auto-tune backup vocals. Auto-tune serves Future well and he shouldn’t neglect it going forward. Nevertheless, filtering his voice to make it sound cool cannot make up for a lack of creativity in his bars. These songs more often than not start off good, then dissipate into nothingness by the end. The appeal of this project eludes me, especially on “Love Thy Enemies.” He just sounds bad on here, man. Wish I could sugarcoat it for y’all, but this is the reality of this situation.

The only track I can listen to without consistent cringing is “Government Official.” Despite initially liking the opening track “XanaX Damage,” it now disappoints me every time I hear it. Again, he begins the track with purpose. Yet it fades out after merely 90 seconds of material. I understand that this is a brief project, but damn. Can we get some kind of fleshed-out idea? There’s not much else to say here besides… Why was this made? Sure, it may not be close to the worst thing I’ve heard, but what does it accomplish? It seems as though Future is dropping something so we don’t forget about his solid album WIZRD from 1Q 2019. Perhaps his singles didn’t pan out like he wanted them to. Or maybe he was bored. Either way, Save Me is a snooze-worthy enigma, proving Future still believes anything he touches will turn to gold.


EP Review: Future - Save Me
Some Hilarious Lines
Effective Auto-tune Use
Vague Song Concepts
Generic Beat Palette
Bland Hooks