EMAN8 Drops His Latest Single “Oh No!” Ahead Of Debut Album Release

EMAN8 Drops Off His Latest Single “Oh No!” Just Before His Album Drops.

LA-based MC and hip hop sensation – EMAN8 – drops his new single ‘Oh No!’ on June 21st to remind us all what soulful midwest hip hop is truly about. Straight off the back of numerous hit singles and his debut LP ‘Emanate’ (June 5th), it’s clear to see that EMAN8 is running on an unstoppable creative high. With ‘Oh No!’ undoubtedly born at the very peak of it. The track embraces a slick and honest production style, emphasizing EMAN8’s smooth vocals, relatable lyrics and truly showcasing his ability to write an impactful song straight from its core. Eman8 explains:

“The song sort of came about by accident. I was meant to be writing for another artist that day, but I was also going through some personal stuff with my girl so I decided I needed to get some stuff off my chest. The song was written in about 30 minutes based on our conversation. We all got so pumped when I laid down the vocals that instead of writing for another artist after we just spent the rest of that day working on it”. – EMAN8

The face behind it all – Brandyn Burnette – has showcased his range of styles and musical prowess within several projects over the years, including a successful run on American Idol. However, EMAN8 now focuses on bringing back his Jamaican roots and expressing his love for hip hop which he developed at a young age watching rap video on MTV while writing his own rhymes over them. The writing style now focuses on a stream of consciousness approach, while incorporating live elements that give each track vibrant energy. ‘Oh No!’ is the perfect fusion of all this, creating a track with blissful energy bound to make this your top summer groove.

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