Download the Most Updated Custom Roster on 2K19 Here!

2K ULTRA is the Most Detailed Roster on NBA 2K19 for Xbox One!

So, I’ve been adding to this roster for the past few months now. When it first dropped 2K ULTRA was only about 60% complete. Since January, some teams look entirely different. Also, each squad is not only ready to play but ready to watch (4-to-6-minute quarters are ideal). I have tweaked the tendencies for all nine (or ten) rotation players for every franchise. Download our Game Sliders as well for the full experience. painlessblzn is the Gamer Tag to search for when prompted. Again, turning Fatigue off and Substitutions to manual is how this roster is meant to be played. However, the rotations are there too if you want a classic 2K match. I designed each team to be competitive, no matter the opponent. Don’t be afraid to bomb from deep!

Essentially, this is the ultimate “Who’s Your 5?” experiment. All 30 teams feature the best players to wear their respective jerseys roughly between the years 2009 and 2019. There are some exceptions, though. As seen above, a small helping of legends boost the overall status of teams with less star power than others. These include: Michael Redd for Milwaukee; Brandon Roy and Scottie Pippen for Portland; Yao Ming for Houston; Michael Jordan for Washington; and Emeka Okafor on Charlotte. With this roster I hope to bring attention to how detail-oriented 2K is as a video game. Dozens of flashy sneakers, dribble moves, and dunks go mostly unseen by the average player. 2K19 is beautiful to watch with the right adjustments. If this roster interests you, feel free to download it and give us some feedback. Additionally, updates will likely continue through the free agency period. So stay tuned!

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