Apple to Split iTunes into Three Apps

Apple is set to end the last 18 years of iTunes and your digital music collection by splitting the app into three separate apps.

Apple is set to drop a trio of dedicated phone apps: Music, Podcasts, and TV but don’t worry, users won’t lose any of their purchased songs or library apple has let users know via a Press Release. The three seperate apps are already available on iPhone so this doesn’t serve as a major change for iOS.

This news serves as the death of an era for Apple as iTunes has been an iconic app that changed the way that users interact with their music and helped push the music industry from physical CD sales to digital sales while birthing the podcasting industry.

iPhones haven’t been flying off the shelf in the same way that they used to so it looks like Apple will work to improve their iOS and App user experience to help them restore their previous market domination. R.I.P. iTunes!