Virgil Abloh Receives Backlash For The Lack Of Diversity Within the Off-White™ Staff

Virgil Abloh Receives Backlash For The Lack Off Diversity on the Off-White™ Staff.

I for one don’t really have a problem with Virgil Abloh. I like his work and although to some his designs and collabs may seem basic. Virgil took what he had and ran with it. I can’t knock a man for that. What I do have a problem with is the serious lack of diversity within the staff team of his fashion company Off-White™.

It all started when Abloh took to Instagram and shared a few posts with various members of Off-White™‘s Italian design team. Although Virgil was celebrating his team in the post. Stating that they are a “crazy crazy talented crew of kids” — fans noticed a lack of employee diversity at Off-White™. With multiple shots within the post, fans immediately noticed the complete lack of black staff members.

It’s uncommon for the Off-White™ CEO to receive denunciatory remarks in regard to matters like this. Virgil Abloh also works at Louis Vuitton as the Creative Director. His work in that space has not only improved but has progressively shifted the companies design language. Though Virgil has faced issues before, issues regarding the lack of diversity are new for Abloh. People are even going on other posts of Virgil’s Instagram calling out the lack of diversity within his staff.

An Off-White™ PR representative commented, stating that Abloh’s Stories showed a mere fraction of the 136 design team members. Check out the images that Abloh took via the Tweets and Twitter reactions below. Lastly, for more fashion news,