Steve Lacy’s Debut Gets a Formal Release Date

It’s Steve’s Turn to Shine

A few weeks ago, we wrote a story detailing why we thought Steve Lacy was finally in line to release his debut album and today can finally confirm that those speculations were true.


Truth be told, it’s long overdue but for someone who appreciates a well thought out and articulated piece of work, I’m more than excited to see what the kid has to offer in his very first full-length project. Even with his enigmatic persona and the ability to hide out in the background, the flair and star-power is apparent in his various videos and songs alike. I believe this may be my favorite album of the year for R&B/Soul artists go, may even just be my favorite piece of work in general. I can totally vouch for him and stamp that this album will be a classic and you’d do yourself a favor by keeping up with him.

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