Premiere: yungbakugo Releases the Hazy Single “Cloudy Maudy”

The og smoke definitely fills the room immediately as you press play on yungbakugo’s “Cloudy Maudy”. An eerily woozy tune that finds yungbakugo taking on an abstract style and sound that surprisingly has a fair amount of soul to it.

Yungbakugo’s chill vocal delivery rides the beat perfectly creating the perfect chilled out vibe to just roll a fat jay to. The wobble chords with the down tempo hi hats mesh together extremely well on this ethereal tune. The down tempo outro to this one really rides and a subtle bass line makes sure that this one has some beat to it too. Kenya Jade’s background vocals really compliment Yungbakugo’s varying vocal deliveries creating a strong collaborative chemistry.

This record should definitely be a part of every stoner’s soundtrack as listening to it will make you almost feel high even if you don’t smoke. Press play above to stream “Cloudy Maudy.”

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