Muddy Monk’s “Drift” Is The Best Song To Drive At Night To

Muddy Monk’s “Drift” Showcases The Singers Amazing Talent.

Although the song came out two years ago. I know a lot of people still aren’t hip to Muddy Monk. The Switzerland based artist, producer, and songwriter makes some of the best music.  Not only just for casual listening but to drive around to, especially at night. Even if you don’t speak French. The sounds are dynamic, ethereal, and blanketed in reverb. His voice also carries this emotional elegance. That, paired with rhythmic sounds, spacey synths, and dynamic production give Muddy Monk such a unique and relatable sound.

When I first heard his single “Baby” I legit almost cried. I played it over and over, each time finding something else to enjoy about its simplicity. I say this all the time, there’s unmatched beauty in simplicity. Which led me to search for more music by Muddy Munk. When my ears first heard “Drift” I knew I had landed on a special record. The ambiance it brings is simply fantastic. I find myself pressing play to this record a lot while driving. Rather than spend all my time trying to convince you. Take a listen to ‘Drift’ by Muddy Monk below. Also, check out the official video for his beautiful single “Baby” here.


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