Leo The Kind’s Unique Approach Shines on x2

Born in Boston, and raised in the east coast (primarily Brockton). The Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, taking on inspiration from the likes of his favorite era of music (The 80’s) blending it with a new sound he discovered within himself.

Recently Leo the Kind took the time out to release the ethereal record “x2”. The unique record finds Leo the Kind showcasing relatable lyrics, strong vocals, and a unique energy that’s sure to make him a house hold name at some point. This is the perfect type of record to just cruise down the Pacific Coach Highway with the top back to. Leo The Kind had this to say about the single:

x2 is a cross between Joy, Nostalgia, and Millennial melancholy. It’s a story about where I’m at currently as an artist. Busting my behind to make great music, blowing money on things that won’t last, knowing that it’s all a risk but I’m willing to take it if that means the outcome is my dream.

Leo’s passion is felt from start to finish on this one and the uplifting beat helps to make this one a very unique yet powerful song. We’re excited to see what Leo the Kind’s upcoming music hits like and you will be too after you press play above to get acquainted with Leo the Kind’s unique take on sound.


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