Listen To Pip Millett’s Latest Offering ‘Drunk & Alone’

Pip Millett
Pip Millett Is Definitely An Artist To Watch, Listen To Her Latest Track ‘Drunk & Alone’.

I love coming across new artists. Especially ones with a refreshingly original sound. Pip Millett, a London-based R&B songwriter was just that for me. Millett’s ability to croon soulfully over a charismatic blend of restrained production and well-crafted melodies puts her in a league of her own. I recently started listening to her music, as a result, I fell in love with her sound entirely. The sporadic hi-hat hits and pulsating kick give Drunk and Alone a simplistic yet mysterious vibe.

The production lets Millett’s vocals become the focus and put her heartfelt songwriting center stage. Drunk & Alone is passionately dark yet beautiful. It’s an emotionally rich and beautifully produced record. Be sure to keep your eyes on Pip Millett. She’s definitely an artist to watch. You can listen to ‘Drunk & Alone’ below. After that, be sure to check out Emotional Oranges’ Take On Ashanti & Ja Rule’s “Always On Time” Record.

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