Warhol. SS x LONEWOLF Collab to Deliver “Wake Up” Visual

Watch the LONEWOLF directed “Wake Up” by Warhol. SS

Warhol and LONEWOLF link up yet again to deliver a woozy-themed music video for Warhol’s latest single “Wake Up”. Warhol is working overtime and it is starting to pay off as I’ve seen him pop up some of everywhere on the net and blogs. With tracks and videos like the one above, it is apparent that he is interested in perfecting his craft. To me, there aren’t many other artists as versatile as Warhol who is capable of constructing many different themed songs with vibes incomparable. If you need some more convincing, listen to his latest project Chest Pains. In it, he explores multiple styles; some aggressive (“Red Night” and “Bonus”) while in other tracks show cross-over ability with more melodic tunes in tracks like “With Ease” and “Options”. Also his track “7 AM” with Kai Ca$h is a banger as well. I believe he is one of the most talented artists out right now and you’d do yourself a great service adding the kid to your rotation. Enough from me, watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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