Thouxanbanfauni Visits No Jumper for Exclusive Interview
Watch Thouxanbanfauni’s No Jumper Interview Here.

From explaining his face tattoos to detailing his stints in jail and his beefs with other musical artist, Thouxanbanfauni leaves no stone uncovered in his latest  interview with the No Jumper podcast and Adam22. Overall, it’s a pretty insightful interview because fauni is as candid and sincere as about anyone in the game and has quickly became one of my favorite artists to listen to over the past couple of years.

Adam gets Fauni to speak on a wide range of topics, but the most pertinent info regarding his music was that he has a ton of unreleased songs and is strategizing on how to roll them out. Fauni says he has no real intentions of signing onto a record label because he revels in the fact that everything he has, he built by hard work. While there is no project in tow anytime soon for Fauni, he states that he will be putting out a lot of videos as well as continuing to tour since his fans are contributing to him selling out concerts on a nightly basis.

While Fauni does shed light on a lot of bad happenings that has affected him and his team negatively, he doesn’t let that dim his outlook on life itself as he is almost always in an upbeat mood. To those who have yet to listen to ThouxanbanFauni’s music, a good project to jump into is The X-Files or Requiem, but my favorite release from him thus far has to be The Lost Files. I can’t quite put a term or phrase to describe Fauni’s style of music, but I will say he has sneaky wordplay that you may miss until your tenth or fifteenth time listening. Once you start to piece together his ingenuity though, you may open yourself up to an incredible talent who is dropping gem after gem at a steadfast pace.

Check out the interview above and as always leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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