Steve Lacy is Ready for the Spotlight; Releases New Song “N-Side”

Listen to Steve Lacy’s “N-Side” Here

You guys are aware of who Steve Lacy is right? No? Well, be introduced to the next versatile star who may steal your heart one song at a time. Primarily serving as the guitarist and bassist to the Grammy-nominated band The Internet, Lacy began his solo career with the release of his sneakily good EP Steve Lacy’s Demo in 2017. Now he is readying his rollout for his album (hinted at by The Internet on IG) and I have a great feeling that the world will receive his music with open arms as his voice is incredible. His lyricism and melodies are reminiscent of soul/funk music that accompanied most of the 70s but with a new age twist. This track is yet another example of Lacy’s distinct creativity and you’d best believe I’m more than excited to hear a full-length from the guy. Below you can check out the track and below that is a video for his other two songs “RYD/Dark Red”. 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for music, make sure you keep up!