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Sometimes the universe aligns perfectly and you find music so good and you wonder why haven’t you heard it before that moment. Maybe that’s just me, but about a month ago my Youtube algorithm brought me to Pink Sweat$’s chillingly beautiful and super relating track “Honesty” and I have been captivated ever since.

This track explores the idea of starting a new relationship with someone who is apprehensive about telling her past, but Pink Sweat$ is adamant that he is there for the long haul. A beautiful ballad indeed.

Pink Sweat$ hails from Philly, which is boasting a lot of talent in the music industry as of late with newer artists like Lil Uzi, Tierra Whack and now Pink Sweat$ (honorable mention: Matt Ox). You can find more of his music on all streaming services, which he has two EPs available on all streaming services entitled Volumes 1 & 2 respectively. Although his “Honesty” track has gained the most traction thus far, his small body of music is very great and he already exudes a gust of rare and refreshing originality with his off-kilter style of instrumentation (Acoustic Guitar R&B). So far my favorite song from him happens to be “Drama” because of the flair and combination of the melody and lyrics. Check that out below:

Add the kid to your playlists, I promise you won’t regret it.

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