Nipsey Hussle’s Music Sales Increase by 2776%

It’s been three days since iconic rapper, Nipsey Hussle passed. And like most legendary artists, his work is getting a massive amount of recognition after his death. According to initial reports to Nielsen Music, the rappers mixtapes and albums have been streamed non-stop since his slaying on Sunday, March 31st.

If we break this down numerically, we can see that on Sunday after the heart-wrenching news, Nipsey’s catalog of songs and albums sold at a combined 15,000 copies — up 2,776 percent compared to a little under 1,000 the day before. Zeroing in on just his singles, 13,000 downloads were downloaded and sold. This is up 2,588 percent as opposed to 1,000 just a week prior. In total, Nipsey’s albums sold a total of 2,000 copies March 31st.

A mouthful but great honor to the Crenshaw King whose death has left a gargantuan hole in the rap industry and Hip Hop as a whole. Fans, artists, colleagues, and friends continue to mourn Nipsey Hussle’s passing in the wake of the news that dropped over the weekend. The most heartbreaking of them all being the latest post from long-time girlfriend turned fiancee, Lauren London.

She states:

“I am completely lost. I’ve lost my best friend, my sanctuary, my protector, my soul…. I’m lost without you. We are lost without you babe. I have no words.”

Sharing in her grief are fellow rapper and good friend of the late emcee, Dave East, who hosted a candlelight vigil in NYC in honor of the late rapper Monday, April 1st.

His words hit home with the mass of New York mourners posted up in tribute to Nipsey Hussle. Fighting back tears he stated the situation that occurred between Nipsey and his murderer was not a government conspiracy as was presumed before, but a situation of jealousy and hatred.

“Come to find out it was a fucking rat, it wasn’t none of that Dr. Sebi shit that everybody thinking it is,” East told the lit crowd. “It was none of that conspiracy shit. It was a nigga from 60, from his set that probably been hating him forever.”

“A sucker took out a fucking king, my nigga, a real king to this era. I was a kid when Big and Pac died, so I couldn’t feel that. I feel this shit …”

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he words resonated among the mass, who like many of us are 90’s babies suffering from what are undoubtedly the same sentiments many of our predecessors felt when Biggie and Tupac died. Two great artists took too young, in their prime to senseless violence.

In the case of justice, it has been reported as of late by LAPD officials that Nipsey Hussle’s murderer, one Eric Holder has been taken into custody. It’s reported LAPD picked up Holder from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department station in Lakewood Tuesday and took him to a police station in South L.A.  Law enforcement states he’s currently being held in solitary confinement. Allegedly, police refuse to let Holder mingle amongst the general population because he’s believed to be a target. As it is, cops were in a race to arrest him before the streets took him out.

Breaking journalistic objectivity here, I can say I’m not the only one who had hoped in the midst of all this grief that LA, Rolling 60’s and even Pyro justice would have touched him first. A trial seems to good for someone who acted so hastily and senselessly, taking a man from his lover, sister, mother, and more importantly, children.

The loss of Nipsey Hussle hurts bad. He wasn’t just a revolutionary but a philanthropist and activist. His authenticity wasn’t just noted in the community he was raised in, but the communities he looked out and advocated for: Blacks, Latino’s, youth and foreigners. Hussle had plans to buy back and rebuild the streets he was brought up in to provide more opportunity for jobs and living.

A black man just trying to make it. A black man just trying to give back. It seems the good are always taken too young. Nipsey’s music definitely helped me in a time I needed his energy and ardor the most. It’s artists like these who leave an impact that seems to get slain or taken in the most horrific ways, at the worst possible moments at that.

The good that has come from all this tragedy? The aforementioned increase in his business. Nipsey, savvy entrepreneur that he was, owned the masters to all of his music which means that royalties and revenue will go directly to his estate and his estate alone. The thing he worked hard for and was just beginning to see the fruits of his labor bloom for.

So much potential taken in the blink of a moment. The late rapper is already being called the ‘Pac of our era’. Rightly so, since he left a legacy of truth, wisdom, hard knocks and love worthy of only someone like Shakur.

To sum this up, if you were a Nipsey fan from years back like me or someone who had just come to find and appreciate his music after his untimely death, we’re all welcome here. No judgment to the old or the new heads. In tribute, take some time to support his estate, support the man, support the dream and legacy by streaming the hits he left for us. The Marathon continues. Here are a few of my personal and easily accessible favorites below.

Rest in Power, King.






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