Maxo Kream Hopes to be Reunited with His Day Ones in “Meet Again”

Watch Maxo Kream’s “Meet Again” Official Video Here.

Maxo Kream takes to the penitentiary to deliver chilling visuals paired with a sincere track that has Maxo hoping he and his homies are one day reunited. As he raps about his friends serving time, he acknowledges the revolving door most find themselves in when dealing with legal troubles. The video shows prisoners going through their everyday schedules, working out, reading, phone time and even fights. In the track, Kream reminisces the good times he and friends would have before they got locked and in the meantime makes a compelling song that conjures up emotions of empathy for Kream and his associates. All in all, Kream delivers yet another classic song and has been one of the more consistent artists on the underground circuit for sometime. Catch up with Kream by tackling his incredible Punken album which dropped last year. Enjoy the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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