Interview: Jag Talks Loren Miller Project, Working With Ty Dolla Sign, and Musical Sound

Formerly known as Chubby Jag, Los Angeles based rapper Jag is fresh off the release of his highly anticipated project Loren Miller Pt. 2.  Having collaborated with the likes of Ty Dolla Sign, Trey Songs, Cassidy and a massive number of rap battle victories under his belt, Jag has done it all as a rapper.

We had the opportunity to connect with Jag on the set of a video shoot and talk music, influences, and more. Jag shows a strong passion for the art of rap and his lyrical quality stands out in all of his records. After speaking to him, I realized that Jag embodied everything that hip hop should. Jag got the opportunity to share some tips and let us know some dope facts about his music and background.