Game of Thrones Promo Teases Long Awaited Reunion

Happy April, team! With 11 days left until Thrones returns, HBO drops a Game of Thrones Promo that confirmed a few new theories and hopes for the upcoming season.

Now, the clips have not been shared online by the official channel as of yet (It is April fools but let’s just go with it…) however that hasn’t stalled fans from making copies of the footage and sending it into the viral-sphere. Again, the internet is undefeated.

The first promo opens with KITN, Jon Snow standing beneath a Weirwood tree. Behind him, we can see his little sister, Arya in the very next shot. I’d be remiss not to mention that the reunion of these two heavy-weights is arguably the most awaited reunion of all time. At least on Thrones. The two haven’t shared a scene, vicinity, or same airspace since they parted in season one. Though they don’t embrace or even speak, needless to say, the minute one of them initiates, there will be tears. *Frank Ocean voice*

The following scenes are more of the main promo released earlier in March, but we do get a glimpse of a few other major characters. Varys, Tyrion and Davos to be exact. They’re looking towards the sky, specifically at the Dragons passing overhead. Except, they look nonplussed. Shocked even. Now, considering the three have spent copious amounts of time around dragons living at Dragonstone an all, it can be assumed that they aren’t taken aback by the dragons themselves, but perhaps who is riding them…

Jon Snow on a little joy ride with Khaleesi?

The second clip below has slight variations. Instead of the Stark siblings coming into view with a snowy backdrop, Tyrion appears instead expressing a self-explanatory truth: “work together or die.” basically. Yeah, no $*#t. More footage then comes into play of the Unsullied, the dragons flying over the north, the Golden Company, and of course the ever-diabolical Cersei.

What is new? Daenerys and her expressions–or lack thereof. Instead of the longing and wistful looks that were planted on her face during the tail end of season 7, we have angsty and dare I say it? Looking less wistful towards Jon and more severe, adopting his facial expressions in almost every scene. Jon himself, still the brooding bastard we know and love looks as if the world rests on his shoulders.

I mean face it, it sort of… literally does. Can he be blamed?

It all feels very, very calculated.

As if to warn us that Winter is here, full of terrors, with no happy endings. We’ll just have to wait and see

Check it out below and above.

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