Dominic Fike is a Name You Will Be Soon Be Seeing Everywhere and for Good Reason

Check out Dominc Fike’s Debut EP, Don’t Forget About Me.

Dominic Fike is the most heralded, unheard of artist of 2019. The thing is, there is little to no music from him on the net. It was reported that upon his release from jail he signed a $4 million deal with Columbia, but the thing is no one knew who he was at the time. Digging a bit deeper into Fike’s persona and background, he hails from the city of Naples which is in Florida. He has several write-ups detailing his up-bringing that include absent parents, drug use, rapping and stints of jail time. You can read more about Fike’s story here.

Although Fike grew up rapping, he is making alternative rock that is reminiscent of the late 90s and early 00s ska-punk/skater bands such as 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a bit of Weezer. And while it may be easy to see similarities to that style of music, Fike is blending elements from several genres (especially the soundcloud rap aesthetic of face tattoos) to create something genuine. Aside from the music, Dominic Fike has all the makings of a present-day star. His upbringing is built with trials and tribulations, only for those to be key inspirations for later classic projects.

Today, BROCKHAMPTON’s lead man Kevin Abstract released a video which he directed entitled “This is Dominic”. The video is presumably the beginning to Fike’s undeniable rise to superstardom, which features Fike contemplating a backflip just before performing his maddeningly catchy “3 Nights” throughout the rest of the video.

If he passed your staunch prerequisites to discovering new music, than do yourself another favor and play the Dont Forget About Me EP just below. Fike’s got my vote as the next huge rockstar. Also, when you get a chance check out the review for Billie Eillish’s latest album, we know you’ll enjoy the read on that one.