Curtiss Motorcycles’ Zeus Bobber is a Futuristic All-Electric Rocket

Curtiss Motorcycles’ Unveil Their Zeus Bobber. A Futuristic All-Electric Motorcycle.

Curtiss Motorcycles continues to progress in the realm of making advanced electric motorcycles. It started with the Hera and now we have beautifully designed Zeus Bobber. What I love about this bike is how the design language screams futuristic. The Zeus Bobber looks like it could be part of the next Blade Runner movie. You can see a lot of TRON motorcycle influence here. With its modular-looking design featuring sleek curves in high gloss jet black paint.

The Zeus Bobber has fantastic built quality as well. Firstly, it features an aluminum frame as well as solid carbon wheels. Meaning it’s just as strong as it is light, coming in at just 475 pounds. The power comes from a  lithium-ion battery pack that gives the bike 280 miles of range. With 190 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque, the Zeus Bobber gets from 0-62 mph in just 2.1 seconds. Lastly, the suspension system can be fully adjusted for racing as well as commuting. Perfect for a quick ride home or an even faster session on the track.

The Curtiss Motorcycles Zeus Bobber is now available for purchase. They set you back a cool $60,000 USD, with production expected to start early next year. Check out the detailed images  If you want more information you can go to Curtiss Motorcycles’ website.  In other related automotive news, Hyundai Significantly Update The Sonata For 2020 With a New Redesign.