Spring Equinox: Welcome to Aries SZN

Happy Astrological new year/Aries SZN, team!

That’s right it’s Aries SZN bitches AKA the Spring Equinox. Big things happening in the skies! Last night’s last supermoon of the year linked up just in time to usher in this new phase. The time of year where astrologers mark the beginning of the year as opposed to the Gregorian calender’s January 1st. Days and nights [nox] are finally at equal [Equi] lengths (see what I did there?) which means more time basking in the sun and less time in the cold winter air.

Not only are we blessed with more sunlight but Pisces SZN is over, Neptune’s been kicked out of the skies which means less of the dreamy, deep and emotional illusions we’ve been dealing with for the past month. Now, Mercury is still retrograde which means some of us may not be feeling at 100 quite yet and probably won’t until April but with the beginning of spring and retrograde ending on the 28th, anything is possible!!! *insert Kevin Durant gif*.

Yeah, you can feel it. The ground thawing like a Ram pawing the ground. New plants springing up, Jesus’ resurrection, the world coming to life again, your desires poppin’ like a cherry? (Excuse the expression.) Can you feel the world opening its arms to you once more? How appropriate that we feel this way, because the first day of spring also happens to coincide with the ingress of the Sun into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

“But wait! If January is the first month of the year, shouldn’t it’s zodiac sign be the first?” You’re asking. Yes, January 1st is the official new year, but ever wonder why that ‘new year feeling’ always seems so fleeting around January? That’s because January is ruled by forever-on-the-grind Capricorn. The fun lasts for 10 seconds before it’s back to the lab again. That’s when Aries comes in. Leaving its  pungent smell of possibility in the air and not only does it linger, it permeates.

Aries is all about beginnings. This is the sign of the initiator, the trailblazer, the entrepreneur, the self-starter. Aries, and it’s ruling planet the god of war [Mars] is always ready to charge ahead and make the world his bitch. In many ways this is the baby of the zodiac because Aries is classic tabula rasa (Latin for clean slate). This is the attitude we have to bring as this new season starts and we finally get a hold of our dreams, aspirations and life goals in general.

Aries energy tends to run hot, impulsive, and direct. Very in your face energy. Naturally, as a fire sign and ruled by Mars, the planet of drive and desire. The fact that Mars shares a name with the god of war can give the impression that Aries is somehow a “warlike” or particularly aggressive sign, but don’t get it twisted. What is true is that Aries boasts a sense of pride, of drive, confidence and pure will propelling one forward through the world. This confidence can be perceived as aggression, but it’s often simply straightforwardness, an unwillingness to scheme or tiptoe or lie (which is more the shadow territory of a few other zodiac signs who shall remain nameless for the sake of peace in this post).

Speaking of shadow territory, (no worries I’m equal opportunity with this), the flip side of this hot energy is that Aries tends not to be the most thoughtful or careful of the signs. They’re notorious for being hot-headed. Think Santino from the Godfather. So while Aries season can be an incredible time to start new things, it’s not always the best time for thinking ahead to the long term. It’s not the best time for trickery or games or deception.

Aries exposes, just like spring does. At its worst, Aries energy can make it easy to trample other people’s feelings — not on purpose, but by moving too fast, without stopping to think. So even if you’re not ruled by this tenacious sun sign, there are definitely lessons to learn since all of us are affected by the energy in the skies at one point or another.

If you fall into a fire sign like your sister sign here, good news:

Yeah you my fierce little archers. You’ll feel in tip top shape. Not only will your drive for the physical be at 1000, but your optimism will be positively contagious. People will be on board with your ideas and you’ll be open to hearing out others. The sun in Aries will be energizing your fifth house of romance and creativity so some of you could be greeted with a new love interest, or perhaps kick off an exciting art project. Have fun, Sagittarius. But use caution, Jupiter your ruling planet expands what it touches so make sure you don’t over-indulge. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate, as long as you stay grounded.

You too kitty.

No better feeling than the sun sliding into your sister sign, aka Aries. This means your ninth house of travel and higher learning will be soon be ignited. Planning on globe-trotting or going back to school, Leo? Be brave. The cosmos are on your side, and warrior-like Mars is throwing hands for you, fighting your battles especially in your career sector! Right hand itching? That means some money might be on the way. This could either be related to your professional life, or perhaps through a family member. Either way be on the look out for blessings and abundance.

So what have we learned today?

Aries season will be lit for fire signs but everyone gets a taste of the goodness. No need for a cosign on your shit— the confidence needed is already at your disposal. In Aries season, you don’t need other people to give you the green-light — you already know that you have a right to be here, exactly as you are no permission need be granted.

At its best, Aries season can give you massive stores of  energy. Energy to do your thing, to shoot your one big shot. To live free and let that spring fever be contagious. Speaking of, be on the lookout because Aries’ ruling planet is passionate and assertive Mars (who co-rules Scorpio). Meaning, psychological and physical urges have been documented at this time of year and often bring an increase in vitality, including your sex drive. And why not? Aries is all about being a go-getter so use this bright springtime confidence to your advantage and make the rest of the retrograde period (7 days left) your bitch.

April will be lit.