Redux’s Upgrade Service Can Give New Life To Any BMW E30 M3

Redux’s Offers An Extensive Upgrade Service That Can Revive Any BMW E30 M3.

If you’re familiar with Singer or Emory Motorsports and how they beef up and update their air-cooled Porsches, Redux adds those same levels of restoration to a classic and beloved German-automotive whip — the BMW E30 M3.

Redux gives their clients the option of providing a donor E30, or they’ll source one out themselves. Once they get their hands on the car. They start by removing everything until they get to bare metal. Then they inspect and repair any imperfections they find with the chassis. They then jig the chassis to ensure the full frame is straight. One of the more notable upgrades comes in the form of the drivetrain. They take the stock 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder S14 engine and upgrade it to 2.5-liters by adding custom conrods and pistons. If that isn’t enough for you. You can opt for the turbocharged option. That gives the E30 M3 387 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque.

In addition to beefing the engine. Redux also improves the handling of the E30. They’ve also upgraded the E30 M3 with new suspension parts like EXE-TC 3-way adjustable coil overs as well as massive anti-roll bars, stiffer bushings as well as custom front and rear cross members. We don’t know what the base price will be just yet, but we assume the cost will vary considering the vast amount of options such as the roll cage and carbon-ceramic brakes. What we do know is that Redux will only make 30 of these to honor of the E30 body style code. If you’re interested, head over to Redux’s webpage for more information