Playboi Carti Season is Approaching (And Here’s Why)

Carti is Gearing Up to Release ‘Whole Lotta Red’

There is a lot of mystery that surrounds Playboi Carti’s strategies to rolling out his music. Ever since Carti has been an underground legend, his music has always been terribly hard to come by. Fans have delved into communities that pay and share Carti leaks, which keep fans more than satisfied until Carti has an official release. Carti Released Self-titled and Die Lit around spring the last two years consecutively, but the most omniscient detail that may hint to new official releases may be the fact that all the Whole Lotta Red snippets are starting to disappear from the internet.

No one in the game is as consistently innovative as Playboi and no one is as stand-offish. Most stars relish in the spotlight, where Carti is almost always absent from social media but still has a strong-hold due to his incredibly loyal fan-base. When Whole Lotta Red does drop, I feel like the whole energy that surrounds Carti’s euphoric sound will shift the whole rap world. I’m already starting to see other acts attempt to recreate Carti’s aesthetic but it usually doesn’t compare.

Whenever Carti does release Whole Lotta Red I’m sure you’ll know because when Carti drops the world stops spinning for a few seconds. Take a few notes from Carti, I like to refer to him as the finesser of the century. Jay Elect might have something to say about that however.

P.S. Carti featured on two recent features(Solanage’s “Amelda” and Gunna’s “Same Young Nigga” could be another clue for new music

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