Nipsey Hussle Pronounced Dead at 33 After Shooting

Los Angeles Rapper Nipsey Hussle Gunned Down Outside of His Store

Shots rang out today, reportedly six with 3 hitting Los Angeles Rapper Nipsey Hussle, right after Nipsey had had just tweeted the following:

Nipsey Hussle was shortly after pronounced dead at 33. Currently, no information is known as to why but he is said to have ties to the Crips which hasn’t stopped him from working with artists who have rival gang affiliations in the past. Nipsey was just nominated for a Grammy for his debut studio album “Victory Lap” and had a number of positive projects he’d been working on over the past few months.

No additional information is known about the shooting at the Marathon Clothing store on Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles. RIP to the great Nipsey Hussle and our prayers are with his family, friends and those who were blessed enough to meet him.


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