KEF Teams Up With Michael Young & Kvadrat For Luxurious LSX Speakers

KEF Teams Up With Michael Young & Kvadrat For Luxurious LSX Speakers

KEF, Michael Young & Kvadrat Join Forces To Create the Luxurious LSX Speakers.

KFE’s sequel to their popular LS50 wireless speakers, the LSX Wireless Music System seeks to prove that compact loudspeakers can deliver quality, detailed sound.

Designed by KEF in collaboration with renowned designer Michael Young, the LSX speakers look as good as they sound. They’re wrapped in luxury fabric from famed Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat. Based on KEF’s tone-on-tone concept the speakers are available in five rich colors: gloss white, maroon, olive, blue, and black. These speakers will perfectly complement whatever setting they’re placed in. They also make sure you’ll have all the ports you’d ever need. Starting with a TOSLINK optical port as well as AUX and ethernet ports. You’ll also have access to a subwoofer output. Each speaker as access to their own individual AC outputs so you can connect them to the mains or outlet. Lastly, the speakers also feature a color-changing LED so you’ll know exactly what source you’re currently using.

They drive each speaker with an LSX equipped Uni-Q driver array as well as KEF’s state of the art Music Integrity Engine — a collection of bespoke Digital Signal Processing algorithms — to provide the best sound quality possible. When connected wirelessly the speakers offer a  sample rate of 48kHz/24-bit. When you use the cable you will hear a noticeable difference. Nonetheless, the audio quality is very when used wirelessly is still very high. For those who want a little more, running an ethernet cable between the two speakers will fully utilize the four Class-D amplifiers. This will provide a high-quality digital signal of up to 96kHz/24-bit. These speakers also offer optical connections.

You can look at detailed images in the gallery below and share your thoughts with us in the comments. Would you spend your money on speakers like this? Stay tuned for more tech related articles and news.

KEF Teams Up With Michael Young & Kvadrat For Luxurious LSX Speakers
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