HBO Drops Game of Thrones SZN 8 Trailer

HBO Unveils The Official Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer!

FAM! Finally. Finally, finally, finally we have what we’ve been waiting for. HBO finally dropped the Gamed of Thrones SZN 8 trailer today. Didn’t I say Mercury retrograde would be filled with the stuff of dreams?

While the run time for the trailer is only 2 minutes and 2 seconds to be exact, it’s filled with copious Easter eggs that give us a beautiful and foreboding picture of what to expect this SZN. Battles, big [paternal] reveals, dragons, and unavoidably, major character deaths. Some of which I’m predicting will happen in the very first episodes.

We have a good idea, thanks to the EW article that did an on-set visit with the cast of what the directors and writers have accomplished for us over the longest wait fans have ever had to endure. 19 months long to be exact. But from what I’ve gleaned from the 122 seconds that was not wasted is that the wait will be well worth it. Chillingly epic, the trailer boasts a voice over of one of our favorite (and probably Scorpionic) Starks, Arya.

She’s frantic running from pursuers that we can’t see all the while telling us this:

“I know death, he’s got many faces, I look forward to seeing this one.”

Then she shows off some of those moves she learned east while in Braavos. There’s also a self-satisfied Cersei at the Red Keep, Sansa reacting to Dany’s dragons as they fly overhead, a confirmation that Jaime Lannister joins the Winterfell battle (“I promised to fight for the living, I intend to keep that promise”), Jon and Dany approaching waiting dragons, Grey Worm and Missandei sharing a passionate embrace. It’s all here folks. Something to officially hold us over until April 14th gets here.

Have a look for yourself above.

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