Half Releases His Brand New Single “Mr Lover”

Half Releases His Highly Anticipated New Single “Mr Lover”

Michigan native Half has cooked up new music and we’re finally getting a taste of what the new album will sound like. With the release of his first single off his new EP Real Spill Vol.2. The lead single features hard-hitting drums, a contagious flute melody paired with smooth vocals that float effortlessly over the production. “Mr Lover” does a stellar job of blending hip-hop, soul in addition to other sonic elements to create a sound that appeals to a diverse audience.

Half currently resides in Southern California and you can hear the SoCAL influence  in his vocals. Smooth yet gritty with a melodic signature all his own. The record seamlessly gives him his own lane. Especially in a day and age where it seems like most artists sound the same. We look forward to hearing more from Half within the coming months. You can listen to the lead single “Mr Lover” below and let us know what you think in the comments. Lastly, for more indie music news, Saba Abraha Releases Her Sonically Genius Single “Do’s & Dont’s.”