Featured Interview: Blac Youngsta Talks Growing Up in Memphis, New Music & Gives Advice

Blac Youngsta Talks Growing Up in Memphis, New Music & Gives Advice.

We had the opportunity to sit down with one of music’s most honest and polarizing rappers, Blac Youngsta. When we met Blac Youngsta he explained to what growing up in Memphis was like. How it affected his sound and how grateful he is for growing up there. He explained to us that Memphis Tennessee causes people to grow up early to survive.

“Coming up in the city, you gettin’ crossed. You cross a mothaf**ckas, you doin shit for money, all types of shit. So Memphis has always been like rough. I’m glad I come from Memphis cause it’s like one of the roughest places to grow up at and it teaches you a lot”

During the interview, we asked him about his process for making music and if it has changed over the years. The Memphis native explained that when he started, he didn’t care too much about the process of making music. He would just say whatever came to mind. Whereas now he has a much more calculated approach to making music and he understands the process for making music.

One thing we admired is that Blac Youngsta doesn’t really care to have a lot of features on his albums. Youngsta released his project Fu*k Everybody 2 last year and the project only has one feature from Florida rapper Lil Pump. He explained why that was and that he doesn’t really like having too many features on his projects. He stated:

“I got some shit I’m working on. I’ve got a lot of songs with a lot of people. I’m just not big on just doing features. I don’t really care for features”

Hopefully, we’ll hear from more Blac Youngsta this year. You can watch the full interview above and check out his latest offering Fu*k Everybody 2 available on Apple Music & Spotify. Lastly, for more featured interviews. Check out our featured interview with R&B star Eric Bellinger.