Watch The First Full-Length Toy Story 4 Trailer!

Last month, we watched the Toy Story 4 trailer which got fans pretty hyped for its summer release. It’s been a while since fans got a new Toy Story sequel. So when the fourth and final film was announced a few years ago. Long-time fans of the franchise we’re excited to see how it’d all end. Being this is a Disney/Pixar film,  expect a happy, nostalgic ending for the characters most of us grew up with. However, it’ll be exciting to see how the writers of Toy Story keep the movie fresh and interesting. Firstly, we see the introduction of new and old characters is a welcomed addition for Toy Story 4 with a new character named “Forky” being added to the film in the latest trailer.

We finally get our hands on the first full trailer. Woody and the other toys are seemingly headed for new adventures. Bonnie’s favorite toy at the moment happens to be Forky, a spork that she made at school. Woody and the gang’s mission is to make sure that absolutely nothing happens to Forky. Or Bonnie will extremely upset and things will take a turn for the worst. As expected, things don’t go as planned when Forky tries to escape, when Forkly tries explaining to Woody that he’s not a toy. “I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash!” It’s Woody and Buzz’s mission to find Forky and get him back to Bonnie.