Cardi B Teams Up With JLo & Others For New Movie “Hustlers”

Recently announced film “Hustlers” starring Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B seems like an opportune fit for the Bronx born singers. According to Jessica Pressler’s 2016 article “The Hustlers at Scores” that has inspired the film, Rosie Keo, the film’s protagonist, was mentored by the Bronx born exotic dancer Samantha Barbash, aka Samantha Foxx, on how to become a lucrative dancer, and eventually, a hustler. Through Foxx, Rosie was able to thrive as a dancer and partake in a scheme that involved drugging and conning clients into maxing out their credit cards to pay for thousands of dollars of purchases directed by Rosie, Samantha, and her unit of faithful dancers.

Cardi B’s recent surge as a top Latina artist focused on Rap and Hip Hop has propelled her towards multi-million dollar contracts and career opportunities, rap hit after rap hit, and even a Grammy for Best Rap Album. Cardi’s pairing with Castle Hill native JLo positions Cardi to expand her brand and develop her filmography as a movie star. But, Cardi’s stratospheric rise is also a good thing for JLo, as the young artist is now collaborating with Migos, Bruno Mars, and anybody who’s anybody in the music business. This is JLo’s 33rd film so it will be interesting to see if she can help mentor Cardi throughout the filming process.

Even though the film centers around scamming strippers, it has certainly stirred quite a bit of Bronx pride in me. The stars of the film are Latina women from the Boogie Down covering the story that draws on a Bronx woman’s life. Cardi has admittedly revealed that she used to work as a stripper before making it big in music which definitely lends ethos to “Hustlers”.

The film will also feature Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, and Keke Palmer. Filming has already begun so make sure to keep an eye out for this movie to drop sometime in the late summer.


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