BRABUS Unveils The 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-63 800 Widestar

BRABUS Adds 800 BHP To the Mercedes-Benz G-63 800 Widestar.

Brabus, the company known for beefing up the specs on current Mercedes-Benz models, took their talents to the 2019 G-Class. This new Brabus G-Wagon is an absolute monster. A super-truck that goes from 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 149mph.

No one knows how to push the limits of what a Mercedes-Benz can be better than Brabus. With the 2019 G-Glass, they start by making the car four inches wider while adding additional luxury features. The body kit features some notable physical and visual improvements. Starting with the daylight-running LED roof lights as well as a rear spoiler. You can’t miss the massive 23-inch monoblock forged black rims or the carbon fiber hood cover that features two air-sucking vents. They’ve also updated the brakes with new huge orange ones. When we step into the 800 Widestar, you’ll notice the completely updated interior. With caramel quilted leather seats as well as a headliner from the same leather which in addition features studded LED’s, that create a starry night scene inside the cabin.

You can check out the full details over to Brabus’ website to view all the detailed specifications and pricing. You can also look at detailed images in the gallery below. Lastly, for more automotive news, Bugatti Unveils the Most Expensive New Car of All Time.

BRABUS Unveils The Mercedes-Benz G-63 800 Widestar, BRABUS G-Wagon