Melly the Menace is in For a Menacing Next Few Months

We’ve seen Melly blow up literally overnight it seems, but with the sudden shine comes scrutiny. It’s been almost a week with the south Florida rapper turning himself in double premeditated murder against his friends and public opinion has already handed a guilty verdict. We’ll get to see how that case plays out within the next year or so as Melly maintains his innocence.

Aside from that, we’re noticing a harrowing trend of young rappers being about what they actually rap in their music. If not for premature deaths due to gun violence, it’s stints in prisons for heinous crimes as well. YNW Melly is just the latest rapper to add to the list. The timing, however, is impeccable as he releases a masterpiece that is on par with his real life. The video above paints a sorrow tale of those who’s lives led down the wrong path and ended up in prison.