YBN Cordae’s “Locationships” Video is Retroactively Amazing

Watch YBN Cordae’s New Video

Cordae of the YBN collective has always set himself apart from his peers with his backpacking flows and off-kilter punchlines, but here he sets himself a world apart from most anyone who’s up and coming. Already having a song where he interpolates Eminem’s famous “My Name Is”, this one takes the cake. Using the title “Locationships” it reminds of me of Jay-Z’s “Excuse Me Miss” and he even interjects a few lines in the chorus with a slight change:

Uh, I say
Hunnid bag, hunnid bag, get it right back, huh
Switch it up, flip it up, bet you like that
So, put your number on this paper, ’cause
I would love to take you up
On a lovely day, don’t care what your last situation was

Cordae recently got a huge co-sign in the name of legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre, but it should have been stated long before that the kid has skills and star power to boot. Watch the video above and enjoy your weekend.