UnoTheActivist x Thouxanbanfauni’s FCS2 is a Step Forward for the Pair

Uno and Fauni Show Growth in Joint Venture

Uno and Fauni connect to create some of their most complete sounds yet and make some bangers in the process. For Christ Sake 2 is a far cry from its predecessor, but in a good way. Although there is no “Parking Lot Pimpin” type tracks on the project, it shows growth in their careers. They remain individual artist but always make music together and I hope it continues. Both are seeing an unconventional rise to stardom but are creating memorable songs in the meantime. All throughout the project the pair stagger most of the tracks with a verse from each and a chorus from one of the two.

The music these two are making is going to be important at the turn of the decade as they set themselves apart in a market that is saturated with copycat acts left and right. As they refine their sounds with better resources I really feel like the sky is the limit and this project solidifies that sentiment.

notable tracks:

  • Pay Me
  • Concealed
  • Im the S**t
  • No Cap
  • Choppa Down
  • Lil Demon
  • Come Back To Me*
  • Taxin

*The chorus Uno came up with is legendary on this one!

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